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Noel Simpson

1997 Inductee

 More than anyone, Noel Simpson was responsible for the Down Under - USA alliance in the standardbred industry which began in the early 1950s. 


 Born in the small town of Karamea in New Zealands Sth Island, Simpson first got involved with harness racing in 1945 by spending 40 guineas to by purchase a gelding called Sprayman. This horse won a number of races including a heat of the 1950 Interdominion and he finished 3rd in the final


 He pioneered sending Australasian horses to North America by plane and was the first post-war importer of American stallions and during this time had stallions such as Golden Adios, Intangible, Deep Adios, Lucky Creed and the great Thor Hanover.


 His stock topped the Australian Sires list from 1972 to 1979 and Simpson bred six Derby winners during this period.  

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