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June is Vicbred Time

Please watch with interest this month as we have a number of Members who have horses engaged in the Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series with Pacing heats of the 2YO's & 3YO's having already been run this week and the 4YO heats are being raced in Ballarat tonight. Semi Finals will take place next Friday night at Melton, then there will be 6 GR1 finals the following week at Melton on Sat 8th July

Heats for the Trotters will be held next week at Kilmore, Bendgo & Geelong, with no Semi Finals qualifying horses will go straight into the 6 GR1 finals which will be held at Melton on Friday 7th July.

Good luck to all Members who have horses competing - we hope you can be successful so you can shout at our next lunch!! (click on the Empire Logo to to be taken to the Vicbred page for more information)

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