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VHRC Affiliation Proposal

As you are aware on behalf of your Committee Ted has sent out a notice of a Special General Meeting so as we could hold a members vote on the VHRC affiliation proposal but with the reintroduction of COVID19 restrictions we have had to change this to a Postal Vote.

I wanted to write to you to give you some background on this. For the past 18 months your Committee has been concerned with the lack of numbers attending Club functions, and with declining Membership numbers and we felt we needed to be proactive in regarding the Club’s future so we commenced discussions with the VHRC of which most Caduceus Club members are affiliated with in some shape or way.

During these discussions the Committee has been at pains to ensure that the following 3 areas were not compromised:

  1. Caduceus Club Life Members recognised alongside VHRC Life Members

  2. Caduceus Club Legends would continue in name and be awarded where appropriate

  3. Ensure that the name of the Caduceus Club would not be lost but highly visible

Whilst some things about our Club will change as a result of this affiliation, the VHRC has been extremely supportive of our requests and acknowledged that the Caduceus Club and its name has a rich history within Harness Racing and believe that this move will benefit both organisations and harness racing in general.

I am asking that you support your Committee’s decision to affiliate with the VHRC as it will ensure our Club’s Life Members & Legends will live on well into the future and just as importantly the Caduceus Club name will also be recognised as the VHRC social arm which will be known as the Caduceus Club.

Please ensure you complete and send your vote to Ted, and if you have any concerns around this direction of the Club I urge you to call myself or any of the Clubs Committee Members.



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