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The Caduceus Club was founded in 1984 by a group of men with a common interest in Harness Racing and was primarily formed to assist in the promotion of Harness Racing and to further whatever other sporting activities were determined by the members. 


Taking its name from the great pacer Caduceus who in the 1950’s and 60’s earned the staggering sum of $329,937 in winnings - a huge amount of money for those days. The “founding fathers” of the club determined that initially its membership should be restricted to 30, and that its insignia incorporate the winged wand carried by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, a spoked sulky wheel and the racing colours carried by the great Caduceus throughout his stellar racing career.


Since inception the club has met on a monthly basis and it’s luncheon speakers have included such personalities as Sir Charles Court, Lionel Bowen, David Lange, Sir Hubert Opperman, Leigh Matthews, Richard Pratt , Allan Jeans and Olympians Herb Elliott, Raelene Boyle and the “Oarsome Foursome”. Through the years there has been many and varied themes of luncheons ranging from horse racing, all codes of football, cricket, boxing, athletics, politics and many other topics of interest.


The Club has become a regular sponsor of feature harness races including the 3yo Gr 3 Caduceus Cup, annually hosts two major functions, the AG Hunter Cup Barrier Draw Dinner and a Sports luncheon which have raised many thousands of dollars for various charities. 

Wanting to increase its membership numbers the Club decided in 2020 to merge its activities to become the Social Club arm of the Victorian Harness Racing Club

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