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August Winning Post

4th August - Kevin Riseley had everything aligned with a good win at Melton in *Race 5 with Stars Align*

4th August - 2 in a row for Ian Kitchin, Ken Adams & Dobbo with another win at Melton in *Race 6 with Tee Cee Bee Macray*

6th August - Rob Merola & Sam Godino had a $20 winner at Maryborough in *Race 10 with Sky Majesty*

8th August - Peter Svanosio continues to win races with another winner at Charlton in *Race 8 with Artful Christian*

8th August - John Yeomans had a winner at Shepparton in *Race 1 with The Heat Is On*

11th August - Kevin Riseley lined up again at Bendigo in *Race 6 with Stars Align*

12th August - Robe Merola had another winner at Melton in *Race 11 with Phil Monty*

14th August - John Yeomans saluted again at Yarra Valley in *Race 4 with Idrather Rahma*

17th August - The boys Len Baker, Peter Watson & Rob Molloy had a good win at Maryborough in *Race 5 with Sirladyn Reba*

18th August - Rob Merola & Sam Godino had a nice winner at Melton in *Race 3 with Sky Majesty* - they also bred this one as well!

21st August - Greg Bettiol had a winner at Horsham in *Race 8 with Deadly Assassin*

22nd August - John Dorrington had a winner at Menangle in *Race 7 with Smokey Quartz*

25th August - Peter Svanosio had another winner this time a Gr2 at Melton in *Race 8 with Aldebaran Ay M*

26th August - John Yeomans had another winner at Shepparton in *Race 1 with The Heat Is On*

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